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2009, January - modeling for animated BBC TV movie 'The Gruffalo' (nominated for an Oscar in 2011) [CLICK FOR MORE!]

2009, Cern Alien [CLICK FOR MORE!]

2008, Frog in the Throat [CLICK FOR MORE!]

2005, Scythe of Time [CLICK FOR MORE!]

Technical modeling

2011, August - Low-Poly modeling for an augmented reality app (Mercedes) [CLICK FOR MORE!]

2010, February - Sony Bravia TV [CLICK FOR MORE!]

2009, December - Roxx vacuum cleaner [CLICK FOR MORE!]

2009, November - modeling 3 kinds of Rimova suitcases [CLICK FOR MORE!]

2009, February - EP [CLICK FOR MORE!]

2009, March – electronic devices [CLICK FOR MORE!]

2009, January - modeling an umbrella [CLICK FOR MORE!]

2005, modeling cars [CLICK FOR MORE!]

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