Short Films

2011 - Wallflower Tango

My latest short! "Wallflower Tango" was my final piece at Filmakademie, my graduation project. Took 1,5 years to produce. Since I'm still sending it to festivals at the moment, I can't show you the whole film, but here's a trailer:

- Jilin Int. Animation & Comics Exhibition 2011, China - Nomination Award for: Best Scenarist, Best Character, Best Music, Best Short Film

- Open St.Petersburg Student Film Festival - 13.Sept.2011, Russia - Award for Best Animated Short
- 9. Arouca Film Festival (9.-11.Sept. 2011) – Award for Best Direction
- “Cyber Sousa” Xiamen International Animation Festival, China – 4.-7.Nov.2011 - Award for Best Animated Short
- SCTVF, Sichuan TV Festival, Gold Panda (China) – 11.-13.Nov.2011 - Award for Best Overseas Animated Short Film

- Festival International du court-metrage de Jouy-En-Josas (France) – L'Ombre d'un court – 10.-12.Feb.2012 - "Prix écoles de cinema"
- 2nd edition DogVille 3D Film Festival, Spain, 14.April.2012 - 1
st prize "DogVille Animation"
- Lenola Film Festival 2012 - Inventa un Film, Italy, 29.Jul. 2012 - 3rd Prize Animation Award

2008 - Frosch im Hals / Frog in the Throat

In our third year at Filmakademie we animated advertising trailers for the Festival of Animated Films in Stuttgart. Here's my contribution!


- Aniwow! 2009, Beijing, China, International Student Animation Festival - Certificate of Honor of 4th China (Beijing) International Student Animation Festival
- DMMK Young Talent Award 2008 - 5th prize

2006 - Das Goldene Ei / Golden Egg

My first-grade-film at Filmakademie I animated in good old stop-motion technique and adapted the old tale of the chicken that lays one golden egg a day.

2005 - Die Sense der Zeit / Scythe of Time

Inspired by a short story by Edgar Allen Poe, I created this 3D animated short as application to study at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. With success!


- 2 annas 2006, Riga, Latvia - Award for best 3D animated adaption
- II. Festival Internacional de Cine de Monterrey - Diploma of Official Selection

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